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Vehicle Graphics

 You rent an ad in the phone book... You rent an ad in the local paper... you rent a billboard...

As they say, "Why rent when you can own?"  Same can be said for your advertising dollar.

Right now you have a means of prime advertising at your disposal that works for you every moment of every day...

Your Vehicle!

Be it a truck, van or car... with the proper graphics it will be hard at work even as you sleep.

A Billboard that you own, that travels the area constantly, that gets you noticed!



 Want your vehicle to work Part-Time?

Try a set of  Magnetics

Primarily used for advertising on the side of vehicles. It is flexible and will conform to the gentle curves of cars and trucks. They are removable and will provide years of cost effective advertising as long as they are properly cared for. When sizing your vehicle for the signs be sure that they will not be placed over any trim or molding. Any air going under the magnetic may cause them to blow off when driving.